Prayer Requests

PrayerwhWonderful thinks can happen when groups of people all pray for the same thing! Keep an eye on this page for prayer requests.

Please eMail your requests for mass prarer to prayer at if4 dot us .

–2/28 —
In her “BE KIND TO STRANGERS? section of her newsletter, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Laura Cohn requested her readers to send prayers to recording artist Sheryl Crow. After reading about Crow’s recent breast cancer surgery shortly following Sheryl Crow’s break up with Lance Armstrong, Cohn wrote, “Either one of those on their own is tough enough, but having to deal with everything involved in those circumstances in the public eye has got to be surreal and very hard…It’s important for her to be surrounded by healing light now.?

— 1/17 —
i’ve being attending series of job interviews, but none has materialised. But there is this one i attended last on December 8th, 2005 at Michelin – osse river rubber plantation benin city, nigeria for the post of Agricultural Supervisor.

please pray for me that i shall find favour in the sight of all those that will decied on my employement and that God should roll away all stumbling block to the way of my employment.

God should give me the Agricultural supervisor Job. I dont want to remain unemploy again this year, because i want testimony in my life this month of January. A.M. ….

–1/08 —
Please join me in this prayer….

Dear God,
through all your teachers and blessings. We understand that this life is for our advancement and as students we need the resources and opportunity to learn. As we all have requirements in this world, help us to visualize ourselves in a position to overcome the challenges of this world.

Scott, one of your children is in need of not only the means for advancement, but something that will provide him the challenges to grow is his abilities and wisdom. Help him visualize the reality of getting this job that he is seeking, and bringing blessings to him and those he works with. …

***systems of Sacramento is looking for an entry level Project Coordinator dealing with Wireless Construction and Regulatory Compliance. Must have good office skills and a desire to grow long term with a company. Will need basic Excel skills.

We also pray that all who also seek to gain advancement, through efforts, Faith and visualizations receive your blessings.

— 12/19 —
God in heaven how majestic is your name in Heaven and on earth. Thank you for all you have given me. I praise your name forever father.. I pray one prayer to you tonight among many I have on my heart and I agree with my true brother you gave me as my forever friend in you holy blessed name Father God in heaven. I pray Scott will have his soul mate.. That you provide him with one that is your choice to do your will and go threw the changes with him and along with that that he will be able to go threw the changes with her.. that the two will be joined threw your love and your compassion. that they will not forget your soverenty and your ways that they will raise you up in the almighty awareness to the fullness of heavens to be a blessing to you in your calling upon them as you speak your love threw your holy spirit eternal ..

– K

–12/10 —
Please pray for my friend in the Pacific North West “K”. She is a wonderful being who like the rest of us is fighting the battles of this Earth. K, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

— 12/5 —
Family, whether it is by blood or bond, is the greatest gift from God. As we struggle to deal with our individual lives, pray for the well being of those you love. Pray that as they face there own struggles in this life, they remember that they are loved.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L. Newkirk


9 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. slnewkirk says:

    By adding your prayer to this site, it will go into my prayer box,and that of fellow students and teachers.

    In Peace and Love,
    Rev. Scott L. Newkirk

  2. kalu says:

    i need Gods wisdom

  3. mike says:

    My doctor just told me today that I have malignant
    cancer that’s spread so far that I can’t beat it.
    That’s what caused my ulcers that have been giving me
    so much discomfort lately. I’m supposed to die within
    2 years at most. My digestive system, lymph nodes and
    liver are all overtaken and only chemotherapy has any
    chance of stopping this. My doctor said it couldn’t
    be stopped and it’s very likely that I won’t even live
    1.5 years, but I’m strong. Whatever strength I don’t
    loose in 6 months of chemotherapy, may be able to beat
    the remainders of the cancer out. Others have beaten
    this kind of situation and I’m the most likely to be
    able to beat it, but I must be prepared for a long,
    painful fight.

    In Solidarity,

  4. Renee says:

    I feel so much antagonism and malevolence at work. Please pray that they will be kind, thoughtful and polite to one another and that the antagonistic environment will turn around completely. I don’t want to contribute to this ugliness-please help me to stay above this cesspool of negativity. I feel so weak. Help me to be filled with love and light instead of feeling resentment or revenge. God bless all who pray for me, the world is a better place because of your prayers. Thank you.

  5. sudip chakrabarti says:

    Please pray for my relationship with my Guru and so I can follow His instruction and that He will be right there with me. I need prayer for the relatiosbhip with my mom as it is at biting point. Please pray I will spend my money on my Guru’s work and help me do my teacher’s will and spend money on His will and me to live in His providence and provision.

  6. terry says:

    please pray for our freind margret she is in the hospitalnow. she is not doing to great, she has breast cancer and its spread allthroughout her body. we just found out she has a brain tumor, and thedocter says she only has a few days to live. i would greatly apretiateit if you could pray for her. i am not sure wether or not she has beensaved

  7. Renee says:

    Please help my father God! I ask that he will be remembered in your prayers here on earth also. He is in need of friends and support, and a miracle for his side. Please let us win this case, or else have a great deal to say over the Conservatorship. Please bless my father to be alert and aware and mindful of all. Please send your Angels and Helpers to protect and guide and support us all in my fathers’ honor. Please block and disolve the greed and manipulative controls that are in place at this time and replace it with love and understanding and peace. Please send down your love and protection in his case. Bless the Judge to clearly see our side and stand up for us. Thank you Lord. And please bless all those who offer prayers on his behalf.

  8. Renee says:

    Dear God, please bless my son with the love that he wants. He is so lost and confused. He is filled with revenge. Please let him feel your pure love so that he will be able to move away from revenge. Please guide him back home to me. Please send Holy Angels to surround him and protect and guide him. Please send wisdom and understanding to him. God, please bless my son to find his way back to me. Thank you and God bless any soul who prays for him.

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