Your Core Belief

March 6, 2006
By: Dr. Drew Henry

We sometimes accept a core believe as the truth without questioning it. As core beliefs accumulate over the years they eventually make up a system that functions in much the same way as a computer’s operating system. Running in the background at such a discreet level, we are usually not even aware it is there.

Our core belief has been developed since we were a child. This is due to the result of a great many factors, including but not limited to, the way we were influenced by our parents, siblings and other significant people in our lives. By the time we reach adulthood we have some pretty fixed opinions of ourselves and the world around us. And once installed, these beliefs are rarely updated unless the whole system crashes!

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Life in the Afterlife

February 26, 2006

The conquest of fear is one of the primary reasons for life on Earth.

When people incarnate into this world, they leave behind an extensive soul family in the spirit realms. This family consists of the few souls who, in the entire universe, are the most like them, the ones who are exactly on their wavelength. Leaving the camaraderie of this intimate group of friends can be an act of soul-wrenching self-sacrifice.

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Thoughts on Abundance for Personal Empowerment

February 17, 2006
By: Jeanie Marshall

Abundance resonates with creativity and living from the overflow and knowing there is enough. It is a consciousness in which no fear exists. Abundance relates to self-esteem, prosperity, health, time, relationships, career, nature, money, vacations, rest, work, sexuality, laughter, confidence. Everything!!!

Abundance: What it is; What it isn’t

Here’s a concept that is the basis of many of my thoughts and practices about abundance: Abundance and money are not the same. Nor is either the same as prosperity. We can learn about abundance using money as a vehicle, but the two are not synonymous. I believe that if we all unhook from the belief that money and prosperity and abundance are the same, we will experience more of all three! Each of us has a right to be inundated with all three, if that is our desire.

Someone can have lots of money, yet live in poverty consciousness. Someone can easily meet financial commitments, yet feel sadly lacking in confidence or friends or competence or joy. We can use anything to experience abundance: dead leaves in the forest, the ocean, food, mountains, paper, trust, money, confidence, skills, anything! Abundance is about unlimited consciousness, not physical things. The consciousness of abundance creates those things.

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Celebrating Romantic Love

February 14, 2006
By: Joy cagil

Yesterday, I found this quote scribbled in one of my old note-pads: ‚ÄúWith love, nothing else matters; without it, everything else gets on your nerves.‚Ä?

Every Valentine’s Day, flowers, cards, chocolate candy, and presents abound and love letters are sent between lovers. Widespread symbols are hearts and arrows, flowers especially red roses, cupid, and the color red or pink.

February 14 is the time when birds start mating; therefore, since the olden times, the celebration of romantic love was traced to this day. The earliest date this holiday is found in would have to be in Greek mythology attributing February 14 to the marriage of Zeus and Hera. On Zeus and Hera’s trail, comes Lupercalia or the festival of Faunus, the god of fertility in ancient Rome.

Then, there are several Christian saints named Valentine to whom this celebration of love can be attributed. Most of these St. Valentines were martyred for one reason or another, like the St. Valentine in Rome who aided prisoners or the St. Valentine in Africa. Among the martyrs, the most likely St. Valentine for whom the Valentine’s day was named is the saint who performed soldier weddings, disregarding Emperor Claudius II’s order banning Roman soldiers from marriage.

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Spiritual Words of Empowerment

January 31, 2006
by Owen Waters

This week we start to define Spiritual Words of Empowerment. These are words and phrases which, when interpreted in the light of New Reality thinking, add to your spiritual sense of self-empowerment.

This week’s words are Acceptance, Affirmations and God The All That Is.


Live and let live” is a key philosophy in gaining freedom of the spirit.

Acceptance requires the exact opposite of combative engagement. Engaging with an annoying person drains your energy and adds that energy to their annoying reality. The result is more annoyance, because you have added your power to their reality.

When you allow people to be the way that they are, and you allow the world to be the way that it is, then your energy is not absorbed in futile dramas. Instead, you have all that energy to put towards making the world a better place, and it will be a better place for your efforts.

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