– New site

This site and my mission are growing. With thanks to Matt and everyone at WordPress.Com, I am moving this site to a self-hosted version of WordPress.

The hosting I have received from WordPress.Com has been fantastic, and is getting better. This introduced me to WordPress and won me over. This has been a learning experience for me, a lot of trial and error. The problem is that I am getting happy with how my Spiritual University site is growing, I have a lot of good information posted that will be need to be recreated in this move… better to move it now while it is still possible. Moving to my own domain and hosted version of WordPress will allow me to take this site and my mission to a greater level. It will still be a growing experience, but it is OUR new home.

I am grateful for the loyal following I have gained –With No Advertising – for this site. I hope that you follow me to the new one.

This site is part of my mission, to guide those who are being turned away from individual Faith and Spirituality by the false teachings of self-serving religious groups. We are all loved by God, and have our own path to spiritual development.

Faith in an Individual thing, between YOU and our Source God. Spirituality is Universal, no one religion or group has control of your development in this lifetime.

Individual Faith for Universal Spirituality – IF4.US is the continuation of this site. A place for you to explore your path.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L Newkirk


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  1. It sounds like you’re talking about Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Come on

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