Today’s Politicians, Singers, Celebrities Enjoy Surprising Sisterhood

New book reveals personal struggles and victories for Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush, Bernice King, Elizabeth Dole.

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) February 28, 2006 — With “American Idol?, “The Apprentice?, and “Survivor? turning out new stars every week, it is increasingly enticing — the life of a celebrity, of the pampered and privileged. Step into the spotlight and enjoy the thunderous applause. Thunderous, definitely annoying, it’s that darn alarm clock again, reminding us we were only dreaming.

For those of us who haven’t quite reached stardom and wonder if celebrities have a much easier life than ours, we pose a question: What do the famous do when life’s troubles come knocking on their door? When feelings of despair, discouragement, depression or defeat start to zap their “get up and go?, a fairy godmother magically appears, handing them a miraculous elixir, right? What might a Model, a Miss America, and a likely contender for the United States Presidency, and other celebrities have in common? Readers can peak inside the lives of leading ladies who have overcome rejection, divorce, drug dependency, homosexuality, racial discrimination, and other struggles. A brand new anthology, of nearly forty vignettes, reveals the sisterhood of faith these women share. It is one that provides them with more than just wisdom — it gives them freedom and a source of strength like no other.

Faces of FAITH, Powerful Truths for Victorious Living (January, $15.99, 0-88270-094-4), a Connection Magazine anthology edited by Jon Hanna, is the result of seven years of research and publishing award-winning good news. This new book grants us a glimpse into the personal lives of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, First Lady Senator Elizabeth Dole, Gloria Gaynor, Bernice A. King, Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell and many other famous and notable women. Just a few of the chapters include: victory over divorce, overcoming suicidal thoughts and temptations, childhood rejection, deliverance from a lesbian lifestyle, finding and obtaining forgiveness, and freedom from New Age religion and witchcraft. Readers will discover these fascinating women’s secret source of strength. Faces of FAITH, the first book in a series, features the intimate and powerful testimonies of thirty eight famous and notable women who follow Jesus.

While some of the women share intimate testimonies of simple, yet powerful truths, for victorious living, many of them speak of profound and radical deliverance from the bondages of despair, discouragement, depression, and defeat. Common threads running through their personal stories are the enormous risks they have taken and great leaps of faith. Readers will find examples of overcoming racial injustice. At the age of seven, Condi and her mother experienced first hand segregation in a local department store, having been ordered to use a separate fitting room simply due to the color of their skin. Only a few years later, one of Condi’s schoolmates is slain in the infamous Sixteenth Street Baptist church hate crime incident. As for tragedy, shortly after her 17th birthday, Laura Bush accidentally runs a stop sign while driving down a country road. This event is not without its consequences, taking the life of a close friend. Laura collapsed, overcome with remorse and guilt. It’s a memory she still lives with.

Discover what Grammy winner Gloria Gaynor’s hit song “I Will Survive? meant to her after a stage accident and the subsequent surgery to her spine. Find out how Gloria more than survives today, and where the source of her strength comes from. Best-selling romance novelist Terri Blackstock yearned to write mystery and suspense novels, but got shot down by her editors. Learn how she risked it all to follow her dreams. Did infusing a new-found faith into her latest creations hinder this artist, or keep those best-sellers coming — and in the Christian marketplace?

Fox News Ohio affiliate’s news anchor, Bill Martin says “The book is a hit!? Author Jon Hanna tells The Plain Dealer’s Frank Bentayou that he gleaned the stories from “hundreds of articles we ran in Connection Magazine.” Assembled like the pieces of a puzzle, each predestined to fit into a specific and unique position, the readers will see the hand-writing of God threaded throughout the pages of this book. It is sure to be a treasured gift for mother, daughter, and women everywhere. Faces of FAITH celebrates these incredible women and their dependence on a loving Creator in whom they find strength for everyday living and for moments of historic significance.

An ordained evangelist, Jon Hanna founded Connection Magazine, a free regional Christian news magazine that served Northern Ohio for seven years (1997-2003). In that time, the magazine received awards from the Christian Newspaper Association (CNA) and compiled the largest list of stories and articles featuring the testimonies of famous and notable people who follow Jesus. In addition to publishing more books in the Faces of FAITH series, Hanna hopes to re-start Connection Magazine as a free Christian news magazine that can be picked up in grocery stores and supermarket chains throughout America. Hanna has also ministered in jails, prisons and juvenile institutions since 1988. He is currently establishing the Christian Blue Pages Business Directory in greater Cleveland and Akron/Canton, Ohio. A certified diver, Jon loves to scuba dive with his 24 year-old son Brian.


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