What if ‘The Universe’ (God), Used Email?

(PRWEB) February 28, 2006 — Can you imagine receiving daily emails from “the Divine”? Would you cry tears of joy? Laugh at “Her” sense of humor? Rethink your life? If so, you’re not alone. “Notes from the Universe” is now one of the fastest growing Ezines on the Internet. “Spiritual, not religious…” is how author Mike Dooley categorizes his musings that are now sent daily to over 50,000 ardent fans that span the globe, “Oh, humorous too.”

His ultra brief insights are shared via personalized emails addressed to recipients by their first name in 169 countries. The list began with 36 people in the mid 1990’s but over time his style and message has changed. “Initially my mailings were just from ‘Mike Dooley’ sent as ‘Monday Morning Motivators’ once a week. But as time went on I found I could say things far more creatively as ‘the Universe,’ than just plain old Mike, and then there was the unexpected introduction of humor.” Somehow an emailing that ended “You rock, The Universe” was far more endearing than some stranger saying the same thing. Ever since then the notes have picked up a contemporary, hip flavor, with a PS at the end of every one, that might begin with, “Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention…”

It’s grown almost exclusively by word of mouth. Doctors, clergy, and professionals from every walk of life are members of Mike’s Adventurers Club — a club for the adventure of life, membership in which includes receiving the daily Notes. “It’s more philosophical than it is a club that discovers lost continents or forgotten cities,” because Dooley views the adventure of life, of have and have-not, as the ultimate adventure. “The mailings are designed to remind readers of their own divinity, worth, and reach; that the Universe is light-hearted and playful; and that it’s never too late for second chances, new romances, or dreams come true.”

Even though he’s never accepted outside advertising the service has paid for itself. “A year into offering the Notes for free, at about the same time I was running out of cash, the first “tithe” arrived.” And such donations have continued to raise $10-20,000 per year. The balance of the funds needed to stay in business have come in the form of Dooley’s simple book and audio recording sales. Plus, he’s become so popular among his followers that a simple announcement contained within the daily Notes was sufficient for him to summon audiences for his 2004 world tour to 24 cities in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Far from conventional, Dooley sees everyone as children of “The Universe,” loved no matter what has transpired in their pasts, and endowed with the power to find heaven on earth. His club’s tag line, “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones,” is included in every email. Some respondents, (very few, according to Dooley) aren’t too happy with what he’s doing, claiming his “sunshine and roses” view of reality could actually misguide readers or fill them with false hope. “Not according to the endless stream of fan mail that pours in, some from readers who have been with me for years.” According to them their daily Note has sparked measurable life changes and has indeed instilled long-term hope. Some claim to type their emails on keyboards that are catching their tears.


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