By Rev. Scott L. Newkirk

We live on a beautiful world, surrounded by great wonders. It is easy to count our blessings on a great day, when the sun is out and our friends are with us. We never want those times to end. It may be today, it may be a lifetime away, but end they will. Why are we living on this world, and what part do our belongings and friends play in this lifetime?

When we have something, or someone, nice in our life, we don’t want to let go. But advancement is by definition movement, and if we are not moving in this world, we are getting left behind. Sometimes change is a pleasurable thing, sometimes in order to move forward we need to move backwards for a bit and other times it just plane out hurts. The time we really need to be concerned is when we are feeling comfortable. As a result of our efforts, we reach a point where we have comfort. We feel safe about what we have, and chouse to stay put rather than to risk that in order to advance. The more we have, or the harder we had to work to get it, the less likely we are to be willing to give it up. I constantly see people that stick with an abusive relationship because they think they will never be loved by anyone else or would not have a place to live. Are they moving forward, and how is this comfort? I also know some people who are so self assured that they could (and have) just walk away from everything, because they know that in a short time they could get it all back. They are not attached to their houses, cars or belongings. Think of the freedom that gives them.

Earth is not a vacation planet. Buddha gave up a comfortable life as a Prince to find enlightenment through suffering, and Jesus met a cruel physical death to bring us his teachings of life. This life is not about reaching a comfort level acquiring the things of this world; it is about the enlightenment of our beings, and our spiritual development for what is to come.

It is easy(er) to speak of attachment to material things; they are truly of this world. Like my friend says, if they were all lost, they could be gotten back. But, it is more difficult when we are talking about the people in our lives. The ones who are really important to us are part of our soul group and are in our lives by design. It is important to conceder, are they heir for me, or I for them? Who is the teacher and who is the student? Some are meant to be with us throughout this lifetime, others are only meant for a short time. Are we holding them back, are they holding us back? If BOTH are not moving forward, it is time to look at the relationship.

The biggest attachment we have is OUR attachment to the things of this world. A parent would give their life to protect their child. There are stories in the Bible of people who gave their lives in the name of Faith. Where is our line between spiritual advancement and this world? What do we take with us? Our house, car, and belongings will mean nothing, our loved ones will be with us on the other side regardless, only the lessons and our spiritual advancement carry beyond this lifetime. Do not feel comfortable holding onto the things that will not matter, struggle to gain the true blessings from this world. Love one another, even if it means letting go and moving on.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L Newkirk
Spiritual University of Earth.


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