Beyond Hypnotherapy:

Conscious Integrative Breath Therapy Is The Next Generation In Emotional Healing Therapies

The Egyptians used hypnosis 4000 years ago
and Hypnotherapy is still an effective method
of training the mind. Perhaps the most
life-changing use of this ancient technique
has been to release emotional blocks,
subconscious phobias, repressed anger
and the like resulting in a new sense
of inner peace. Conscious Integrative
Breath Therapy may be the most
effective technique used by therapists
and counselors to achieve that emotional
freedom today. 2006 Conscious Integrative
Breathwork Training and Certification will
be offered in Atlanta this Spring by
Michael Casteel of SOULutions.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 21, 2006 — The roots of all self-limiting patterns, phobias, chronic depression and addictions lie in non-integrated and repressed emotions. These buried feelings, which may date back to early childhood and even infancy, leave sufferers cut off from the world and even themselves and often manifest as both emotional and physical disease.

Conscious Integrative Breathwork (CIB) is a proven, safe and gentle process of healing and integrating negative or blocked emotions and can accelerate other forms of psychotherapy. Built on the foundations of hypnotherapy, CIB is a blend of meditation, martial arts, yoga and gymnastics utilizing gentle yet powerful forms of Hypnotherapy, Breath and Emotional Release work. Noted health expert Dr. Andrew Weil maintains, “There is nothing that you can do to improve your overall health and well-being that is more powerful than Breathwork.”

Breathwork training and certification are of inestimable value to health care professionals looking for an efficient, effective and streamlined way to help clients achieve clarity of mind, relaxation and increased energy levels.

The 2006 Conscious Integrative Breathwork Training and Certification program will be conducted in Atlanta for the first time this Spring by Michael Casteel of SOULutions. Conducted on weekends, coursework will be both educational and experiential. Level I Certification entails four full weekends of group training, 12 individual sessions and several co-facilitator sessions. Level II Certification requires six additional half-weekend training sessions, six additional co-facilitator sessions, reading assignments and more. Full details are available from

Casteel, a Breathwork professional since 1998, trained with Dr. Stanislov Grof, founder of The Association of Breathworkers and Trainers International (ABTI), of which Casteel is a member. Casteel studied Psychology at Georgia State University and has helped over 4000 people since establishing his practice in Atlanta in 2000. Additional fields of expertise include Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Emotional Release, Yoga, Neuro-linguistic Pragramming and Life Coaching.


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