Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada’s First Lesbian Wedding

(PRWEB) February 20, 2006 — The Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada is hosting its first lesbian wedding of two American ladies in its world famous Ice Chapel during March, 2006. It is the second time in its six year history that the Ice Hotel is hosting a same sex marriage. Last year two gentlemen from England were united in wed lock and ever since then there has been an increasing demand.

The Ice Chapel has accommodated over 75 weddings in previous years and expects over 30 during its sixth season.

Newly weds and their guests come from around the world to celebrate their special event in one of rarest chapels. The Ice Hotel offers three different types of wedding: A Magical Wedding, An Exotic Wedding, and an Idyllic Wedding all designed to provide a fairytale-like wedding.

The Ice Chapel has been featured in such magazines as Brides and will be featured on Destination after CEO and author Lisa Light has spent an enchanting evening in the near future.

A couple from Mexico, who have never seen snow, is also getting married at the Ice Hotel this March. They won a contest amongst many enthusiastic participants organized in a joint effort between the Ice Hotel and Eres Novia magazine.

January 6th to April 2nd, 2006, celebrate Ice Hotel’s sixth season. It is an ephemeral and majestic place to rediscover yearly.


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