Welcome to the Spiritual University of Earth

This Church follows (and expect) the following:

  1. Respect for all people, life and nature.
  2. Self-advancement.

The one practice not accepted by this church is Hate.

Though the words change, we share this with many faiths: “Treat others as you want others to treat you?.

Respect for all people, life and nature. – The ultimate expression of this is Love. Love has many meanings – Love of Country, Love of Family, Love of Friends, Love of a Pet and Romantic Love. The more you are able to Love, the richer your being will be. To develop the ability to love requires more than Tolerance, it requires Respect. To say that you tolerate something implies judgment. We should not measure others by our standards or lessons, but respect where they are in their life lessons. Each of us has our own path for this lifetime,

Self-advancement – School was difficult for me, now I regret not taking better advantage of the opportunity that was give to me. As you follow my teachings, you will see a theme; Just as High School was not my home, Earth is not either. We are not living these lives for the sake of being on Earth, you are attending the greatest University for your Spiritual development. Just as we advanced beyond High School, we will advance beyond this world. Don’t just put in the time and regret it latter, take advantage of this opportunity. One big difference, in this University we are both student and teacher. Once you have learned something, you are expected to share that knowledge with others. Showing Love, teaches Love, Showing Respect teaches Respect and Showing Hate teaches Hate. You may be the teacher that makes a difference in someone else’s life path.

Hate is the strongest negative emotion known to this world. Evan the word can do great damage. It can be expressed blindly, without reason, and has the urgency of being final. Yet, we toss the word around like it was nothing. “I hate Mondays.? “I hate my boss? Examine your thoughts every time you feel that emotion and ask your self if another feeling would not be more appropriate. I try to use a different word whenever I am feeling negative about a situation. “I dislike Mondays?

This ministry is about teaching Faith. Knowing what you represent, and what your path is. We are all a part of the one source God who has had, and now has, many teachers. The teachers I identify with most are Buddha and Jesus Christ, but it dose not matter who your teachers are. What is important is that you advance your Spiritual being through respect of yourself, others and this wonderful jewel of a world we live on. What bothers me the most is those who say “only those who believe this way? will receive the rewords of God. Religion has become more about serving the needs of Man then the teachings of God. Spirituality is about your personal relationship with the source God. So much Evil has been done in the name if Religion that it is driving people away from their Faith. If there is “Sin? or “Hell?, it is for those who are driving people away from their Spirituality or Faith in the name of Religion.

This Church welcomes those from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight communities, as well as those from the Skinny, Fat, Tall, Short, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Green and Gray communities. In short all are welcome at the expense of none.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L. Newkirk
Spiritual University of Earth.


2 Responses to Welcome to the Spiritual University of Earth

  1. Hi Scott,

    Consider a part of your church. Have a great Sunday!


  2. slnewkirk says:

    Thank you, This Church is for all of us.

    In Peace and Love,
    Rev. Scott L Newkirk

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