Clearing the mind for real love

Fulfilling bond more likely if spiritual work done first

Tribune Correspondent

SOUTH BEND – February 16. 2006 – There’s good news for people who’ve almost given up on romantic love: Work on your own spirituality, and it will come.

“The first mistake we make is when we think that love is ‘out there,’ somewhere outside ourselves,” said the Rev. Barbara Gulbranson, leader of a workshop at Unity Church of Peace, on Sunday.

“It is in us as we cultivate a love for ourselves, love with the Divine (Creator) and love with others.”

Gulbranson, a Granger resident and the author of “How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love,” (Monarch Press, 2004), is an ordained minister in the New Thought church. Using New Thought precepts, she explained how people can prepare themselves to receive the love they’re in search of.

People need to spend time in prayer and meditation affirming their own beliefs and choices, to ready themselves for a soul mate. And by seeking higher truths, they can develop a more positive thought process and set in motion “laws of attraction.”

“All you have to do is have faith that by developing a new thought process, starting with self-love, a healthy relationship will surely follow,” Gulbranson said.

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