Spiritual Clarity’: Book about Religion and Tolerance Now Available

Spiritual Clarity is a book
about religious tolerance
and the fact that one does
not need to be a part of
organized religion to be spiritual.

West Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) January 31, 2006 — Does it make sense that the creator of the universe and everything in it is the same God that you worship, so all other belief systems are wrong?

Who is the more spiritual person? Is it the woman out for a Sunday morning drive to get coffee and a newspaper, who sees a dog in the road and swerves to avoid hitting it or is it the man, who in his haste to get to his weekly church service on time that hits the dog? Who knows? Being a part of organized religion has nothing to do with being a “good person.? Spirituality can be achieved with or without organized religion.

Jackie Wellman had personal questions regarding faith, religion, and spirituality. Those questions encouraged her to do research. That research developed into her first book, Spiritual Clarity. Writing Spiritual Clarity has empowered her and led her to a conclusion she feels good about. To learn more about Spiritual Clarity please look at www.hoppy.bravehost.com. The website contains excellent reviews as well as links to writing samples.

Spiritual Clarity will answer questions about different religions. It will define the positives and negatives associated with organized religion. It will help the reader achieve their own spiritual clarity.

Spiritual Clarity is available online through amazon.com, borders.com, barnesandnoble.com, and books-a-million.com. Spiritual Clarity can be ordered at any local bookstore.

Jackie Wellman
Spiritual Clarity, ISBN 1-4137-7654-X


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