Impacts Society in a Powerful New Way

2006-01-25 — [WDC Newswire] — (FLORIDA) — WDC Media, the nation’s most innovative and passionate Christian public relations firm, announced that it has been retained by, a worldwide online prayer ministry that has responded individually to an astounding 60,000,000 requests for personalized prayers since its launch in 1999.

“The power of prayer is truly awesome,? said founder Bill Keller. “Our goal here at live prayer has been to change the Internet from a cold, faceless void into a tool to reach millions of hurting souls worldwide. We thank God for the harvest He has given us.?

Keller founded Liveprayer.Com, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, as an online resource where people can go 24 hours a day to see and hear, through streaming video, a Godly man or woman pray for their needs. “Every man and woman, no matter where they live in the world and regardless of their economic standing, has trials and tribulations in life, from health problems, relationship problems, to problems with job and finances,? said Keller. “We believe the only answer to the problems we face is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. While that doesn’t make us immune to life’s problems, it provides a foundation from which we can successfully deal with every crisis and situation we face.?

With the help of a team of 700 retired pastors, personally responds to an amazing 40,000 daily requests for prayer. Since its launch approximately 110,000 people have made commitments to Jesus Christ, and an amazing 1.8 million “praise reports? have come in to for prayers answered.

In addition to the site, Keller sends out a daily devotional to 2.1 million e-mail subscribers. And his Live Prayer with Bill Keller television program is seen by an estimated quarter-million viewers each night.

“We think may just be the next Big Thing in mass media Christian outreach,? said Susan Zahn, founder and president of WDC Media. “Bill Keller understands that the Internet is framing up to be the dominant form of electronic media in our culture, and he is using it to reach the millions of hurting people who would never darken the door of a church. We’re honored to be on board with this revolutionary, world-changing ministry.?

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