Any being Hooked by Sense Addiction gather much Panic & Fear

The Blessed Buddha once said: Bhikkhus, imagine a fisherman, who have thrown a baited hook into a deep lake,and then an yearning fish, hungry for food, would swallow it at first sight…

That fish, having swallowed the fisherman’s hook, would indeed meet with much pain, disaster and tragedy, since the fisherman would do with it as he wishes…

So too, Bhikkhus, there are these six hooks in the world for the pain, disaster and tragedy of beings, for the slaughter of living beings: Forms experienceable by the eye, sounds experienceable by the ear, smells experienceable by the nose, tastes experienceable by the tongue, touches experienceable by the body, & mental states experienceable by the mind, that all are seductive, gorgeous, alluring, agreeable, pleasing, enticing, tempting and tantalizing.

If a bhikkhu search for delight in them, welcomes them, and thus remains clinging to them, he is called a Bhikkhu, who has swallowed Mara’s hook !!! He has met with pain, disaster & tragedy, & the Evil One can do with him, as he wishes.

However, one who does neither hunt delight in them, nor does he welcome them, nor does he remain clinging to them, such is a Bhikkhu, who has resisted Mara’s hook, who has broken, destroyed, and defeated this Hook! He will neither gather nor meet any pain, disaster nor tragedy, & verily the Evil One cannot do with him, as he wishes…


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