The Truth of Myth

by The Rev. Mark Beckwith

In her book Amazing Grace, Kathleen Norris has written that a myth may not be true on the outside, but is true on the inside.

Perhaps the best example of this is the Garden of Eden story in Genesis. It is a myth. The story did not happen in human history, yet it is still true.

The creation myth reveals one of the most basic truths of the human condition – that we humans think and act as though we are the masters of our universe, that we don’t need God.

The first man and first woman thought that because they were in a perfect environment, they must be perfect, too.

Their mistake – their “fall” – was the result of their hubris; their conviction that they didn’t need direction or guidance from the one who created the perfect garden. We have retold this myth over the centuries to remind ourselves of the truth of our hubris; and the truth of our death. Myths lead us into the deepest mysteries of life and death, and guide us through them.

by The Rev. Mark Beckwith,
from “What proof is there that Christianity is not a myth created to assuage our fears about death?”


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