Quote – Robert G. Ingersoll

“Learn to love good books. There are treasures in books that all the money of the world cannot buy, but that the poorest laborer can have for nothing.”


2 Responses to Quote – Robert G. Ingersoll

  1. K says:

    I agree with you, However if you know a little history of the acient times in biblical days, You could get a greater understanding of the parables that are written,
    Such as. This one, It is easier for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kindom of Heaven.
    I use to think it ment a needle for sewing..
    But doing research i found out what it really ment..
    It means that there is a passage entrence going into the town called a eye. like a door way but it was not very big.
    The wealthy that traveled back then took many many things and would pack these items on the back of a camel, It was impossible to enter the town thew that doorway unless they left some things outside the gates.. and if they did this the poor beggars would surly take them but this is what i had found that this parable ment.
    And with its deeper meaning as well..
    Also the concordiance is a great hand book to study hebrew words because our words have different meanings.
    Hope that helps..

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