A. M. Prayer for employment

A. M. eMailed me this Prayer request.

i’ve being attending series of job interviews, but none has materialised. But there is this one i attended last on December 8th, 2005 at Michelin – osse river rubber plantation benin city, nigeria for the post of Agricultural Supervisor.
please pray for me that i shall find favour in the sight of all those that will decied on my employement and that God should roll away all stumbling block to the way of my employment.

God should give me the Agricultural supervisor Job. I dont want to remain unemploy again this year, because i want testimony in my life this month of January.

I have placed it in my Prayer Box, and prayed over it. Now it is open for prayer for all who read this on this site.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L Newkirk


One Response to A. M. Prayer for employment

  1. DrJudiC says:

    I will be sure to pray for this person as well. I work with many people who are unemployed and looking to get back out there. Many times I find that there are a few simple things that they can go to reenergize their search. I sometimes offer a free mini-session that many have used to get a few quick tips to help them if they cannot go for the full coaching sessions. I have received great feedback on them. If you are able to, please pass this information to A.M. as even the brief sessions can be more helpful than nothing. Please feel free to check out my website http://www.DrJudiC.com. I sometimes offer teleseminars that are free or inexpensive that people in the search process have found to be very helpful.
    Best Wishes…

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