A Prayer for the New Year.

As we toss out the old and bring in the new, take time to reflect on the year that has passed.

As and old ‘80s song goes, ‘Every ones working for the weekend’. Soon the months are flying by, and now it seems like the years are going by far too quick for me. I remember preparing to bring in the year 2000. 2002 was going to be ‘My Year’! Now I am saying ‘2005 was a terrible year, I hope 2006 is better’. Each calendar year is also another year off our lifespan on this jewel of a world we call Earth. This is not a prison sentence that we are ticking off the years before we are released; this is a finite opportunity that we need to take full advantage of. We have been given the blessing of life on this world for our spiritual advancements.

What happened in your life this past year? I hope you are recording the joys with photographs, video and keepsakes. They are so wonderful to refer back to. But are you also remembering the sorrows and setbacks? In reference to a famous quote…

“Those who do not remember the past are destined to repeat it.”

Every thing in this life is a lesson and some of our best lessons come from adversity. You cherish something more that you had to work or suffer for, than if it was just given to you. So before you ask “Why Me??, look at how you handle situations, and find the lesson behind them.

I don’t know about you, but my memory is not what it should be. I forget the little but important things like ‘When did I first meet and fall in love with…..’ I would like to encourage each of you to start (or continue) keeping a journal to record what happens to you during the year. Evan if it is never referred back to, the process of putting down to paper what is happening in your life makes you look at it closer and appreciate your blessings better. Now for the next year… I resolve to…..

Are New Year’s resolutions any different than prayers? When you resolve to do something it implies that you are responsible for taking action to make that happen. When you pray, are you expecting your desire to just happen? Prayers require just as much action. When I pray that I win the lottery, if I don’t buy a ticket there is no it will happen. When I pray for Peace on Earth, I better not act with hate. Take action to make the next year what you desire. And record the lessons on the way.

What is 2006 going to be for you? And, more important, what did you learn from 2005?

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L Newkirk


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