Take time to reflect

yinyanggrey.jpgWelcome to the Students of the Spiritual University of Earth.

As I said in the syllabus, study well there will be a test.

This site is meant to make you Think. The ‘Wisdom for Urantia‘ posts are a sampling from the Urantia Book, with links for extended reading. The ‘Quotes‘ are hand picked by me as guided by spirit. I hope you take time to reflect on them each day.

As I do my class preparation, when I find a site that I think is important to our study I will post it, and if I think it is an ongoing reference, will make it available in the links on the side bar of this site. I do not always agree with everything in these linked sites, but they meet the requirements for class work at this University, they make you think.

As I said, this is a Spiritual University, more is expected of you then just showing up. You are expected to learn, and put what you learn into action. Practice what you learn and then teach it to others. This is not just for me, it is for you and ultimately those around you.

I am saddened by a friend of mine who gets the same teaching as I do, in fact more. But it is obvious that this person is not learning from the teaching. This one compares others to the lessons, but can not see it in them self.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L Newkirk


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