I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Mohandas Gandhi

3 Responses to Quote

  1. maxwell says:

    so anyway: Paul started a Paul fan club shortly after the Light returned to heaven — so we learn from his account. and yet even thoug Paul sugests we beciome Judges, i take the word of the lord as it is left behind and synosized more so than the word of Paul.

    so it occurs to me at the end of 2005 that the worl dis finally Ready for a Urantia University. i am a Christian Scientist and it has become pklain that our derided religion could use a lot of what the Urantia Book has to offer,.

    Ai envisoon somewhere in Boulder, Colorado..a buidling with abeautiful galss cieling perhaps a gedosic theme predominates. And inside you can get healing, and get emotional therapyand if you want take classes and learn what the Urantia Book has to offer,.

    i keepcorrespendence with nmany Goddess believers. They feel slighted by Urantia Book and if we look, the UB offers less in terms of extolling the virtues of teh divine feminine.

    Ceanne De Rohan is a great teacher who has allowed a great work — RIGHT USE OF WILL — healing and evolving the emotional body — to be let loose on the earth and sources claim that her source and teh source that sent the Urantia Book are one and the same — if so perhaps it is time to look at those old pages and see..well what are we missing?

    the idea sent in the Right use of Will Books is that hereis a “gap” between the yin and ynag polarities of the divine source that is palpable in earth culture…/

    as Christ said ‘Judge not” i infer that to be a way of God’s apologizing to Adam/Eve — Andon/Fonta fo rthe spiritual pain of default. This is a new age..[perhaps sopmething new can happen for healing. As Christian Scientists, we are all about healing…



  2. Scott L Newkirk says:

    Thank you for your comment. You have given me a lot to look at and reflect on. We have a lot to learn, and for most the recources of this wonderful world are not being used to the best advantage.
    In Peace and Love,
    Scott L Newkirk

  3. Tritz says:

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