Where does the Yin Yang Symbol come from

The Origin of the the Yin Yang Symbol
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By rotating the Sun chart and positioning the Winter Solstice at the bottom. The light color area which indicates more sunlight is called Yang (Sun). The dark color area has less sunlight (more moonlight) and is called Yin (Moon). Yang is like man. Yin is like woman. Yang wouldn’t grow without Yin. Yin couldn’t give birth without Yang. Yin is born (begins) at the Summer Solstice and Yang is born (begins) at the Winter Solstice. Therefore one little circle Yin is marked at the Summer Solstice position. Another little circle Yang is marked at the Winter Solstice position. These two little circles look like two fish eyes. >> More (Link)

http://www.ung.com/ung/yin_yang/Yin_Yang_History.htmlAllen Tsai


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