What label are you applying to you self?

Our society loves labels. Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Homosexual, Straight, Religious, Atheist. Some identify with those, others resent being referred to by them. What used to be claimed in pride, now is looked at as a branding of shame. When I mention these words to you, what are your thoughts? Spirituality, Religion, Church, Christian & God. A lot of people equate Religion and Christianity as the same thing. I instead think Spirituality and Christianity are better matched concepts.

Let me start by defining some terms.

God – The source creator. There is the thought that each ‘Religion’ has its own God, and one is better that the other. A quote from the movie Contact, referring to a religious leaders fear of acknowledging extraterrestrial life “How do we know that they even believe in the same God as us?? demonstrates how some think that they have an exclusive on God. There is one God, One God for all People, Animals and Worlds. You do not need to believe in God. God is and will always be.

Jesus Christ – ‘The son of God’. A Devine being born in human form as a representative and teacher of God. Buddha was another representative, there have been many others. Each society and time has their own teacher. Other worlds also have their representatives and teachers.

Church – A group of people who follow Jesus, or other teacher in the name of God. Church refers to Gods people, NOT a building.

Spirituality – The following of teaching and seeking of enlightenment of God and representatives of the Supreme Being.

Religion – The organized worship of God through structured interpretation of the works representing Gods teachers.

Now that you understand my framework, let me put this together for discussion.

God, Jesus nor any other Supreme Being is going to judge you or your actions in this life. You chose to be born in this place, time and circumstance. When it is all over, you will look at how you interacted with this society and the lessons you learned. If YOU are ready to progress to a higher spiritual life you will.

Jesus showed us a way, but other teachers have also shown the way for those of there time. Regardless of who we learn from, we are on this world to learn. We are not here for the things of this life or world. When we move on, we only keep the lessons and wisdom, not the material things from this lifetime. You cannot walk onto the campus of a University and expect to have all it’s knowledge, you must learn from teachers and apply the lessons. God has given you the school (this life on this world) and teachers (Jesus, Buddha, and ministers of God), you must work at gaining the knowledge and wisdom.

Your lessons on this world are your own, and your relationship with God and his teachers is a personal one. For those who want or need it, organized Religion is one way of seeking spiritual advancement. However Religion is man made, run by men who have their own lessons. If their lessons are not for you, seek ones that are. Religion has been very good as a way of regulating society. But societies are different and what works for one group does not always apply to all. A lot of bad has been done in the name of Religion.

Your responsibility to society is to work for the betterment of yourself and others. By reading this post or talking and/or listening to others regarding spiritual thought, you are part of a ‘Church’ (Gods people). If organized Religion is not your thing, DO NOT let that keep you from attending to your spiritual development. If you follow the teachings of Buddha, claim the title Buddhist, if you follow the teachings of Christ, claim the title of Christian, and do it with pride. Live your life as an example of your Spiritual development. You never know who is watching, and we may be the only teacher they have access to.

Oh, buy the way, just as you would not go to a University to take one class from only one teacher, you can learn from any teacher of God that you chouse. I personally am a Buddhist with Jesus Christ as my Buddha.

In Peace and Love,
Rev. Scott L. Newkirk




2 Responses to What label are you applying to you self?

  1. Mary Casiano says:

    I love the site!! I haven’t had a chance to look at all of it. I am looking forward to doing so. I like how the colors make me feel calm and at peace.

    Keep up the great work, my dear brother.

    Love You,


    (Edit 11/30 – Mary, I changed the look of the sited since you posted this. Hope you still like the looks. Love, Scott )

  2. scott Newkirk says:

    Thank you Mary,
    Just keep watching this site. It is my intent for it to get better with time.

    My love to you always.

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