Dr. William S. Sadler

A little background on the Urantia Book from the Religious Movments Homepage.

Brief History: Sadler taught at the Post-Graduate School of Medicine at Chicago University, and for thirty years he was a lecturer in Pastoral Counseling at the McCormick Theological Seminary. He was also the author of numerous books. During the ’20’s and ’30’s, he became interested in one of his unusual cases. This patient came to see him after his wife informed him that he had been talking in his sleep and seemed to have been talking for various supermortal personalities called revelators. The contact personality was entirely asleep during the transmission and had little or no interest in the process when he was awake. From these sessions emerged The Urantia Book. Sadler organized a group to discuss the material collected from this patient and others in 1934-1935. The group was called the Forum. The Urantia Foundation, headed by a five member board, was formed as a non-profit educational group in the year 1950. >> More


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